Prenatal Yoga

We currently do not have specific prenatal yoga classes, but you are welcome to join a beginner or gentle yoga class. Let the instructor know that you are pregnant so they can modify asanas for you.



§ Gentle movements improve posture so that you carry baby correctly and prevent backache

§ Improved circulation mean less varicose veins, hemorrhoids and fluid retention

§ Relieve fatigue

§ Alleviate minor discomforts such as heartburn, pain in hip joints and ribs, muscle cramps and headaches

§ Strengthen the body and learn poses that you can use during labor for comfort

§ Learn pelvic floor exercises and other techniques for strengthening your body for birth

§ Stay toned and fit during pregnancy. Fit moms recover faster from birthing.


§ Balance mood and learn to center body and mind

§ Connect deeply with your baby before they are born


§ Meet other expectant mothers

§ Be a part of a supportive community

§ Have fun!


§ Take the time to be quiet during this pregnancy

§ Access your own strength

§ Become aware of your fears and learn to work with yourself, your baby and your care providers with confidence

§ Know yourself and be better equipped to communicate your needs and desires to your birth partner, care providers and family

§ Create a sacred and special time to relax, hope and dream


We do not expect prenatal yoga students to have any experience with yoga. Our prenatal yoga classes are appropriate for women in all weeks of pregnancy. Although each instructor has their own style and may provide a different emphasis or tone to their class, all classes include some stretching and breathing exercises, some asana (yoga poses) that will tone and strengthen the body and relaxation. There is no wrong way to do yoga and the more often you practice, the more familiar you will become with the poses. As you become more familiar with the poses and exercises, then you can turn your focus inward. Although some poses may be challenging and you will feel the stretches as you create greater flexibility in your body, you should never feel pain in a yoga class. This is true in any yoga class and not just prenatal yoga! If you are ever uncomfortable or have questions, your instructor can help you modify a pose or answer any questions that you might have. Our classes are intimate and non-competitive so you can receive personalized attention from well-trained instructors.

Our classes are not just gentle yoga classes modified for pregnancy. Our prenatal programs are designed specifically for pregnancy and we use yoga to prepare for birth and for being a mother. Labor, birth and mothering a newborn are not easy tasks. The focus, strength and awareness that you learn in prenatal yoga classes will give you the skills you need to meet these tasks with confidence. We support one another and the entire Yoga Room community is here for you now and after you have your baby.


Classes do not require pre-registration, but we do suggest that you contact the Yoga Room. Our class sizes are limited for your comfort and safety. For your personal safety, we suggest that you bring your own mat. We do have studio mats that you can use if you forget your mat or are new to yoga and want to try a class before making an investment in your own mat. You can purchase a yoga mat almost anywhere (Dicks, Target, Kmart, Borders, etc.).