Traditional practices for our modern times.

The Yoga Room was founded in 1997 by Dawn Perhacs to share yoga to our community.

The Yoga practices taught by The Yoga Room are levels of personal development based on the scientific practices of traditional yogic teachings blended together with the knowledge of modern sciences to develop an individuals wellness as a whole.

The Yoga Room not only has yoga, meditation, mindfulness and natural wellness classes, but also works with schools, corporations and private individuals to educate and enlighten.

The mission of The Yoga Room is to not only set the gold standard of education through classes, trainings, workshops and retreats, but to develop deeper communication with oneself and others so that together we can live in a world of peaceful communication and understanding.

The vision of The Yoga Room is to create and provide sacred spaces allowing one to find answers and empowering solutions to the questions they seek through the sciences of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and natural wellness.

As the new owner of the Yoga Room I am honored to be able to carry on the beautiful legacy of The Yoga Room.

I want to ensure you that you belong, that you are welcome here, and you have the right to be here. This is what you've been waiting for!

I strive to educate, with the support of The YR and the surrounding community, on the importance of untiy, love and liberation.

In 1997, the Yoga Room was established by Dawn Perhacs and passed down to Maureen Lauer-Gatta in 2010, and then passed along to Me, Kyla Bossard, in 2020. The Yoga Room is a special experience that once you walk in, offers a feeling of deep peace and a sense that you have arrived home.

Kyla Bossard - RYT 200

New Owner of The Yoga Room