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We are a Manduka affiliate. These are one of the best sustainable yoga mats/towels/bags/props and more out there.
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Corals & Clover
Grass N' Grace
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I have been EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL of Essential Oils for, well, 40 years. (SERIOUSLY SKEPTICAL)

Then I took an Intro Class and EVERYTHING CLICKED. It was th education that was the key.They are truly an enhancement to life! Yes, you can buy essential oils from other places, but Doterra literally means gift from the earth. The oils are sourced from just the right soil at just the right temperature at just the right time. It's like buying a pineapple grown in Ohio vs a pineapple grown in Hawaii. Now there is NO QUESTION THERE!

They feel good, with practices based in the tradition of yoga as well as these essential oils they change your mood quicker! I look forward to sharing these with you. 

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