Yoga Skills & Practices

Yoga Skills & Practices
Adapted for Children and Adolescents
Enjoyable & Accessible
This class is for adults to learn how to work with school aged
Presenter: Karres Cvetkovitch
1 - 3:30 p.m.
Saturday, September 22
at Yoga Shakti Ashram
447 Glacierview Dr.
Youngstown, Ohio
Investment: $35

Audio, Visual, Attention & Focus Practices
Developing Self Awareness & Self Regulation Skills
Physical & Emotional Balance Group Harmony/Integration
Rhythmic Activities
Yoga Nidra adapted for younger minds and sensibilities

To grow into the fullness of potential, children need more than fun, games, cell phones, sugar treats, lavish gifts, entertainment, endless distraction.

They will need to manage their own minds and their emotions. Developing skills for attention and releasing tensions are vital in the face of life’s persistent anxieties and distractions.

It is a great asset to learn to stand strong in oneself with confidence and self esteem born of practicing self management, self knowledge, self acceptance. Inner prosperity and happiness are assets that are naturally shared with those around us.

If a better world is to evolve, it will be populated by both children and adults with the ability to care deeply.

Sept 22
Suggested donation: $35
Instructor: Karres Cvetkovich

I will be sharing the wealth of information—-the brilliant techniques—-developed by Swami Yogabhakti, (aka Dr. Micheline Flak) that are now incorporated nationally into the French school system.

We were privileged to invite her here as our expert and learned from her personally when we at YSU received a US Department of Education grant a number of years back. She truly is the pioneer on the topic of yoga for children, working with teachers and students worldwide and refining her methods since the 1970s.