The Inner Sound Illumination Meditation Technique

Wednesday, July 11
2:30pm - 4:30pm

Investment: $35 in advance, $40 Day of

This technique is taught by Johnny almost exclusively and was originally received from Babaji himself through Ashok Kumara, a renowned teacher of music from India. The technique is taught in about 45 mins. It is fun to do and brings many benefits including an increase in frequency in the body resulting in more refined awareness and joy. It offers very deep states of relaxation and rest and therefore; a release of stress and fatigue.  It is rejuvenating on a deep level.  It involves the chanting of single syllable seed sounds or mantras along with simple visual images for each chakra.  It also employs laughter to increase dopamine in the brain and breathing techniques for deeper relaxation and experiences of pure consciousness. Anyone can practice this technique on their own once they have been trained.  It is said to cleanse the chakras and energetic system as a whole.