Goddess Empowerment Dance

Intro to Radiant Goddess Empowerment Dance 
with Melissa Vlahos

Good news! This event has been added to the regular class schedule
Friday nights
7:00 pm - 8:30pm

Fully embody your goddess within and ascend through the chakras bringing harmony and balance to your life.  

We will incorporate meditation, conscious breathwork, free form movement/dance, and much more.  Goddess Chakra Dance will bring your body to a state of heightned awareness, attuning to your bodys intelligence and intuition.  Using dance, breathwork and visualization we will activate, cultivate, purify and alchemize the chakras to bring balance and connection within.  You'll leave feeling deeply nourished, awakened & perceptive.

The evening starts with Pleidian Light Meditation techniques creating a safe space to connect with our intentions and be with ourselves freely; this includes pulling Goddess Oracle cards and reflecting on our intentions. Then, we dance.  I guide you on a journey through the chakras, we dance to music specifically selected to help us connect with the chakras. We close with a deep relaxation and brief sharing circle. 

A spiritual background or practice is not necessary nor training in dance. 

Wear comfortable loose clothes, yoga clothes, or dress as your goddess within. 

We dance barefoot further connecting to our ancestral roots.

What to Bring:

yoga mat, water bottle, pen, journal & altar item(optional)

I’m looking forward to embarking on this sacred journey with you!

Please SHARE and bring your friends, for a magical experience together.

About your guide

Melissa Vlahos is an international professional artist with a focus on healing arts and therapeutic dance guidance.  She is the creator and photographer of The Unleashed Project, a women’s empowerment photography experience focused on self-love and body positivity.  

Through her own journey of healing endometriosis and body shame, she discovered and connected with her Wild Woman and the wisdom of her womb.  This deepened her soul’s true purpose of stepping into healing the Divine feminine across past, present and future lineages.  


She is passionate about shifting the paradigm to women harmoniously supporting, inspiring and empowering one another.  

Melissa has devoted herself by guiding women to unleash their intuitive power, full creative expression and connection to their authentic voice

Art, dance, meditation, drumming, circling, inquiry work and other healing modalities are the gifts she shares to help women reclaim their true selves.  

Melissa received her teacher training certificate in Embody Your Sacred Feminine Dance (aka Radiant Goddess Dance) and throughout her years of self-development has been trained in Shamanic Ceremony & Space Holding, Goddess Ritual Practices, Ecstatic Dance, Chakra Breathwork Techniques, Pleiadian Light Meditations and received her Reiki Attunement.