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Maureen's Going on Tour
The Coffee Tour

Finding happiness one sip at a time.
(I'll be back on track in July!)

LIFE IS STRESSFUL! I get it 1000%! This is why I'm going on tour to share ways of managing stress and finding maybe a little happiness one sip at a time. My time is 100% free, I just invite you to purchase a cup of coffee or tea.

Yes, attending a yoga class is phenomenal. Yes, meditating daily is stupendous. But developing simple daily habits create positive changes we want to incorporate into our lives to help us create a world we want to live in. I will share with you small simple things that you can do daily whether you have 5 min, 10 min or more. Why the heck a coffee shop?? Why not?! I enjoy a good cup of coffee! This is an opportunity to bring your practice into your everyday life.

I will be posting events on my Facebook Page so you know where to find me each week. (This may end up happening more frequently too!!)

Please bring a journal and your curiosity.

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