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Retune Recharge Refocus

with Maureen, Teresa, Anthony & Ginny!
Thursday, July 8
3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

$35 single
$60 when purchasing for a couple
$30 Monthly Auto Renew Members
space is limited!

a paid reservation is required!

During these 90 minutes you will be swept on a journey inward through sound healing and deep guided relaxation. We are going back to the beginning and adding restorative asanas back into the practice. You will be gently adjusted during this session and guided a bit deeper into the asanas.
As always Teresa will begin to massage your stress away. Maureen will guide you through the practice with Ginny assisting and of course Anthony will play sweet sounds of crystal bowls helping you to connect to an even deeper state of pure bliss through sound healing of your chakras. All levels are welcome.

Spaces are limited for this truly unique mind, body and spirit restorative yoga class that will leave you feeling restored and renewed. No experience necessary.

Introduction to Ayurveda
with Pam Lilak

Maureen's Going on Tour
The Coffee Tour

Finding happiness one sip at a time.
(I'll be back on track in July!)

LIFE IS STRESSFUL! I get it 1000%! This is why I'm going on tour to share ways of managing stress and finding maybe a little happiness one sip at a time. My time is 100% free, I just invite you to purchase a cup of coffee or tea.

Yes, attending a yoga class is phenomenal. Yes, meditating daily is stupendous. But developing simple daily habits create positive changes we want to incorporate into our lives to help us create a world we want to live in. I will share with you small simple things that you can do daily whether you have 5 min, 10 min or more. Why the heck a coffee shop?? Why not?! I enjoy a good cup of coffee! This is an opportunity to bring your practice into your everyday life.

I will be posting events on my Facebook Page so you know where to find me each week. (This may end up happening more frequently too!!)

Please bring a journal and your curiosity.

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